Public Awareness

Fairway Energy is committed to safe and reliable operations, and is committed to protecting the public and the environment. As part of Fairway Energy’s commitment to safe operations and in fulfillment of federal and state regulations, Fairway of Fairway Energy has developed a public awareness program. The Fairway Energy public awareness program aims to educate the public, public officials, emergency responders, and excavators about the presences of pipelines in the community, pipeline safety, and what to do in the event of a pipeline emergency.

For more detailed information, see our public awareness brochures:

Affected Public

Local Officials & Emergency Responders



Fairway Energy operates two 24-inch crude oil pipelines in Houston, South Houston, and Pasadena. For a map of Fairway’s pipelines, click here.


Fairway Energy’s pipelines are also marked using circular pipeline marker signs. The pipeline markers show the approximate location of the pipelines and provide an emergency contact number to call if you suspect a pipeline release or other emergency.


Before digging, remember to call 811! It’s the law and is a free service that automatically alerts underground utility operators to your project. Utility operators will arrive within 48 hours to locate and mark their pipelines, cables, and other buried utilities. You can help the locators by marking the extent of your project ahead of time with white spray paint. Always report accidental pipeline contact, no matter how small.


In the unlikely event of a pipeline leak, remember the following do’s and don’ts:

Do – Turn off any equipment

Do – Leave the area in an upwind direction

Do – Avoid contact with any escaping product

Do – Call 911 or the phone number on any nearby pipeline markers to report the leak


Don’t – Operate any machinery or spark-producing devices

Don’t – Operate any pipeline valves

Don’t – Attempt to extinguish a pipeline fire

Don’t – Allow others near the suspected leak

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